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Executive Chef providing bespoke packages for events and retreats.


Whether its a sit down meal, a buffet or finger food; me and my team can prepare delicious food with consideration for a range of dietary requirements.

Event food
Cooking Class


I love talking about food, presenting and sharing recipes, talking about the benefits of the ingredients and explaining different diets.

Having had experience doing just that at the College for Naturopathic Medicine I'd love to do more.


Medical & holistic practitioners

I love working with to super charge people's lives!


Having worked with brands in my previous career, I still love doing the same from magazine spreads - such as the one to the right for Women of the City in December, to TV segments such as Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 which I supported on this year.

Menu consultation

Recommendations for adjustments on your current menu to offer something healthier or to support those with dietary conditions.

WOC Dec 2020 Magazine