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I've always loved food.

I also love a nice meal & a glass of wine.

I have a naturopathic chef diploma, a degree in agri-business management and marketing and I have also completed courses in food as medicine, food innovation and an apprenticeship in organic farming. Having spent 15 years in busy corporate environments with high profile clients I understand how crazy life can get! 


I love to travel when I can, having spent time in Europe, Asia, Australasia, Central and South America. I love bringing a world influence to my cooking. I was also luckily enough to get back from an incredible food tour of Mexico just before the first lockdown.

I got into yoga and am now a wellbeing practitioner, a trained yoga teacher (200 hours) and meditate most days, having also done courses in mindfulness and meditation. 

I was very experimental as a child and being set free in the kitchen to create my own concoctions was one of my favourite things to do, some experiments were successful and some less so. 

I grew up with homemade food rather than store bought conveniences more out of necessity than luxury but I realise now this was such a gift and something I encourage as much as possible.  It doesn’t have to be tricky.


15 years ago a nutritionist picked up food intolerances and a doctor diagnosed IBS a couple of years later.  Luckily it was nothing more serious although it might've been too late to test for things like coeliac - note you need to eat gluten once a day for 6 weeks at least for it to show up.  I would therefore now suggest nothing more serious is ruled out sooner rather than later, just in case! 


The doctor suggested I needed an anti-spasmodic with every meal for the rest of my life to help my IBS! I didn't feel that was the right move for me so I have been exploring alternatives ever since and discovering a whole lot more beyond that through working out what works for me, trying out different food alternatives, recipes and then going on to train as a naturopathic chef so I can support others now too.

Carolyn Appletree